Various widgets and types of content

This is the most powerful collection of widgets for Joomla!. With this set you can display everything from audio and video content to data tables on your Joomla! website.


Show videos from different sources: local, YouTube, Vimeo, Limelight, Kaltura videos.


Embed documents, articles and pages into your website.

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Other Notable Features

  • Audio - audio player to play music files
  • Clock - show clock with 20+ themes available
  • CSV to Table - indicate CSV file and show table with data from this file
  • Data Table - sortable, filterable tables from HTML tables, SQL queries, CSV files. 25+ themes available. 50+ translation files available
  • Easy Chart - show line, bar, area, column, pie charts using data from HTML tables or SQL queries
  • File - include files on page by reading file content
  • Query - show results of any SQL query on the page
  • Simple Graph - show various types of graphs using data in an article or from SQL query. 15 graph types available
  • SQL Table - show data from a database in a table format
  • Table Sorter - filterable, sortable table with pagination
  • Tabs - Responsive tabs with content. Vertical, horizontal, accordion
  • Comes with WYSIWYG editor button so plugin code can be inserted easily by choosing an appropriate option
  • Plugin codes can be easily combined, it's possible to show tables and charts in tabs, audio player in table, video and clock in tabs, etc.
  • Various database types are supported for queries and tables: fbsql, gladius, maxdb, msql, mssql, mssqlpro, mysql, mysqli, mysqlt, odbc, postgres, postgres64, postgres7, postgres8, sqlite, sqlitepro, sybase, sybase_ace. To work with some databases, an appropriate php extension may need to be installed and enabled
  • This is open-source software under GPL license

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  • I really like the way the Calendar can be skinned. Recurring events are customizable, allowing me to place various promotion events periodically.
    John, commerce site owner
  • Support is really good and quick. They helped me set up an extension in minutes.
  • SQL to File has helped me a lot to provide lists of products as downloadable files for my customers
  • VJ Zoom is a really easy-to-use module that adds a fancy zoom effect to my images.
  • I found VJ Sequence Diagram to be an easy to use text-to-chart module.

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