The extension includes a component, mini-calendar module, upcoming events module and swatch book events module.

Google Calendar Support

Display events from an unlimited number of Google Calendars. Public or private calendar? We cover them all.

Joomla! articles, K2 or Zoo

Create calendars from Joomla! articles and categories, K2 or Zoo categories and items.

25+ Themes and Skins

Choose among 25+ different themes and skins and style your calendar to best fit your website.

100% Responsive

Desktop, tablet, mobile? Don't worry, the VJ Calendar component and modules are 100% responsive for a beautiful display on all types of devices and screens.

Price: $29

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Other Notable Features

  • 5 themes for tooltips
  • Beautiful full-screen view that feels almost like a native app
  • Month, week, day views
  • Single-day and multi-day events
  • Users can add/create their own events on the front-end if the administrator allows this
  • Support for Google Calendar API v3: public and private calendars supported
  • Google event page can display the title, description, location on the map
  • Highly customizable repeating/recurring events
  • Create dynamic calendars from SQL query
  • Customizable time formats - the week can start with any chosen day, etc.
  • Assign article/K2/Zoo item or any link to events
  • Right to left support (for Arabic and Hebrew)
  • Access Rights support. Public and private calendars. Custom user groups
  • Access Rights for events. Instead of event titles, events can be displayed just as 'busy' for users of a specified group
  • Colorful events, customizable styles
  • Customizable text format, title format, text strings
  • Component and module show event information when event is clicked
  • Calendar groups: combine multiple calendars in a single view
  • Can show Google Calendar events in various time zones
  • Specific calendar can be assigned to menu item
  • Javascript powered, fast and smooth
  • Multi-language support
  • This is open-source software under GPL license

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  • I really like the way the Calendar can be skinned. Recurring events are customizable, allowing me to place various promotion events periodically.
    John, commerce site owner
  • Support is really good and quick. They helped me set up an extension in minutes.
  • SQL to File has helped me a lot to provide lists of products as downloadable files for my customers
  • VJ Zoom is a really easy-to-use module that adds a fancy zoom effect to my images.
  • I found VJ Sequence Diagram to be an easy to use text-to-chart module.

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